Option 3 Outfitters

Who are we?

Who are we? That’s a great question. It’s one many people spend their entire lives trying to figure out. You want me to sum it up in one paragraph….We are Patriots. Not the average normal kind who wears American flag t-shirts and has BBQ on Memorial Day but doesn’t really know why. We love God, our families, and our country in that order and would gladly take a bullet for each one. This company was based on the idea that life is a special operation and everyone is an operator…

Does that mean everyone is a Navy Seal..? No! But we are all in the battle of life together. We strive to teach our sons and our daughters to attack life, adapt to the challenges, overcome their personal obstacles and learn. As long as you learn you never really lose… We want everyone else to win the battle of life and leave this world a better place when the battle is over. In the process we just so happen to get to sell some of the coolest gear on the planet and learn from some true American heroes. We want to enable you to fight for your life a little harder too…We’ll keep hitting life hard until Jesus comes back, hopefully you’ll join us!

So where did “Option 3” come from? Most people think it’s just some reference to a military concept. Which is true, but there is more to it than that. There was an old martial arts instructor that once told me that I had three options too.


Specifically,  three options of where I could put faith and trust. #1: I can put my faith and trust in what I tell myself about who God is. #2: I can put my faith and trust what other people tell me about who God is. #3: I can trust what God’s Word tells me about who God is. I chose “Option 3” and I have been trying to spend my life getting to know God and tell other people about His son Jesus.  Especially, how He came into the world, lived, died and was risen on the third day as a payment for all our sins. He did this so we could all be reconciled to God and have the hope of Eternity.

I hope and pray that my life, my family, and my business can be a testament of God’s love and be a blessing to anyone that crosses our path in life. If you would like to know more about Jesus you can email me at christopher@3-op.com.