Essential Tactical Gear

Be prepared!

“Tactical” gear is traditionally any equipment worn by military or law enforcement officers to enhance their effectiveness in operations. Even if you’re not on the front lines, having the right tactical gear is important in order to be prepared for anything that comes your way. It could be a weekend out in the woods, an airsoft event, an overzealous paintball excursion, or it may just be the end of the world as we know it. The majority of tactical gear products were designed and developed by special operations or law enforcement personnel so the quality and effectiveness is unparalleled. Essential tactical gear should be reliable, versatile, functional and easily hidden. Any item that you carry with you in an operational situation should be capable of performing at least two functions, such as self-defense and securing other items. Whenever possible, opt for compact, lightweight, waterproof and fire-resistant materials for your gear. Listed below are the most essential tactical gear and supplies that you must have for any situation you might encounter.

Essentials list:

• AR-15 of course…Or other projectile dispensing devices
• Tactical knife
• LED flashlight
AR scopes
Bulk ammo
• 9mm pistol…Or your preference of backup projectile dispenser
• Multi-tool (Gerber, Leatherman…etc.)
• Waterproof tactical backpack
Tactical holsters ( I like the Blackhawk Omnivore)
• Plate carrier /Assault vests

If you plan on being in a more remote location then consider adding more extensive survival gear and supplies such as the following…

Basic Extreme Conditions Essentials:

• Hydration packs
• Fire starters and strike anywhere matches
• First aid kit
• Tarp
Water filter
• Sunscreen
• Sleeping bag
Freeze-dried food

There are countless items that you can outfit yourself from head to toe with uniforms, holsters, laser sights, gear bags, slings and more. Be practical and don’t go overboard. We have all seen those guys out at the range with can openers and coffee makers attached the rails of their rifle. Don’t be that guy… Focus on buying essential tactical gear items that are high quality, multi-functional and durable so you’ll be ready for anything.

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