Easy Roaster Camp Cooking

When it comes to camp cooking, the easier the better. And while easy is always nice especially after a long day of activities, less mess is even better. The Rolla Roaster stick makes campfire cooking incredibly easy and less messy.

Rolla Roaster sticks come in two styles; traditional roasting fork and the foldable backpacking addition. The traditional fork collapses to be from 42 inches down to 12 inches long for easy storage. On the other hand, the foldable backpacking roaster collapses down from 48 inches to a mere 7.5 inches once the tines have been folded back. Both telescoping roaster sticks features a two-prong fork on one end, and a wooden handle with turning knob on the other. The turning knob allow you to rotate your food using only one hand.

Better than any old stick, the two tines can fit multiple roast items at once. Indulge in a double stuffed s’more by roasting two marshmallows side by side. Having skinnier tines punctures a smaller diameter hole in your food than a traditional roasting stick; unless you have the patience to whittle your stick down to a fine point (which most of us lack).

When you’re done roasting, simply burn any food scraps off in the fire. Chard bits can be scrubbed off later. Keep in mind that the fork is metal and will heat up quickly. Allow your stick to cool completely before putting it away.

Hot dogs or brats are always a go-to meal over a fire because of how easy they are to make and clean up afterwards. Some other options for stick roasting are bacon and crescent dough. Simply wrap the bacon or dough around the end of the stick and cook over the fire. When it’s done, carefully pull the cooked bacon or crescent dough off the end of the stick and enjoy. If you leave a pocket down the middle add a filling of your choice. For example jam in the crescent dough, or stuff the bacon with olives.


Happy roasting!


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