Lyman’s has a product that has been out for some time, but is new to me. It is called the Bag Jack.
It is a scissor jack with a flat platform that raises your front bag rest. This allows you to get the perfect height for the rifle you are using regardless of the dimensions your rest bags. Most of us have been at the range trying to get a bag rest at the perfect elevation by using more than one bag to stack the first.  I’ve even resorted to rolling my socks to get that extra inch.

The Lyman Bag Jack seems sturdy, weighing about 6.5 pounds. The Bag Jack is made of steel and aluminum. The dimensions of the top surface is 10″x 10″, most bags will fit on it without a problem. The surface is coated with a slip resistant texture. A twist knob facing the shooter allows for the up and down adjustments.

The MSRP is $64.98 with an average price of $36 at most online retailers. I own several bags that provide a good base when sighting in my rifles. The Bag Jack allows me to get better use out of my shooting bags without needing carry multiple bags to adjust to different rifles and variable shooting scenarios.